LCM-10 Coating Monitor System

The LCM-10 uses Orca's patent-pending Optotrak technology to provide the highest available measurement precision for layer thickness control of coatings being deposited in the 1.5μm telecomm band.

The base Laser Coating Monitor system consists of 3 rack mount units, occupying a total height of 9U (13.75 inches). The system also includes a standard desktop PC with keyboard, mouse and monitor for system control and data output. Rack mount computer configurations are available as an option.

The Laser Coating Monitor is coupled to the customer's coater via fiber-optic cables. Small transmitter and receiver collimators are mounted at the input and the output windows. Kits containing all of the optical and fiber components needed, including mounting hardware, are available for many popular commercial coaters.

Major Features

LCM-10 Coating Monitor Software

System Configuration

Laser Coating Monitor systems are configured for each specific customer requirement. Orca will be pleased to provide consultation for your application at no charge. Systems can be customized to meet non-standard requirements.